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Ground Engagement Tools

Full bucket protection system for heavy mining

Hammerless teeth and adapter system with a conventional mechanical fastener locking in combination with the new wing and blade shrouds offer optimised full bucket protection.

System Features and Advantages

GET Features

1. Tooth
Specific tooth design with advanced self-sharpening, offering the perfect balance between penetration and resistance to abrasion. New range of stronger teeth with more wear material which guarantee increased bucket productivity with such machinery.

2. Adapter
Electric shovel adapters have been designed with the tooth-and-adapter fitting system and a conventional two- or three-part lip fastener system.

3. Wear caps
The adapter allows the use of wear caps where necessary.
Different wear cap designs are available, depending on the soil abrasion level and type of application.

4-5. Shrouds
The new wing and blade shrouds, in combination with a conventional mechanical fastener system, offer full bucket protection.
The robust design extends the working life of the bucket and its productivity.

6. Hammerless locking system
The rope shovels range uses a hammerles teeth and adapter locking system in the nose of the adapter.

7. Conventional locking (mechanic)

conventional locking conventional locking 2
Conventional locking (mechanic) in 2 parts Whisler* system:
1. Insert in C-Clamp
2. Insert the Wedge
Conventional locking (mechanic) in 3 parts Whisler* system:
1. Insert in C-Clamp
2. Insert the Inverter Wedge
3. Insert the Wedge

8. Templates

We offer a range of templates allowing correct lip reconstruction, ensuring the correct installation of adapters and shrouds, extending the bucket’s working life and preventing incidents during loading.




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