• Drill hole diameter 89 mm – 172 mm
  • Drill tube diameter: 76 mm, 89 mm, 102 mm or 114 mm
  • Drill tube length: 5.000 mm
  • Semi – Automatic rod changer/ No. Of rods: 7 + 1 (76 & 89 mm), 6 + 1 on 102 mm
  • Max. drill depth: 35 – 40 m, depending on drill tube diameter
  • Max. rotation torque 5000 Nm
  • Feed: precision made steel structure; triangle shaped guiding rail for straight hole drilling; feed drive by heavy duty chain and two speed radial piston motor; maximum travel feed speed empty: approx. 2 meter per second
  • Radial piston motor 500cc / rev with reduction gear to reduce rotation speed and to increase rotation torque
  • Rotation speed 40 – 100 U/min
  • Boom rotation 90° to the right and 12° to the left
  • Engine: Deutz TCD 12.0 V6, 390 kW, 1900 U/min, TIR 4 certified
  • Two stage rotary screw compressor GHH Rand with 26 m³ air delivery. Max. operating pressure 24 bar.
  • Large size radiators with double fans for operation temperatures up to 45°C.
  • Hydraulic system: 2 x variable axial piston pumps, 3 x gear pumps; max. work pressure 320 bar. Feed and rotation are functioning in the closed loop, which reduces diesel consumption by 15 – 20%.
  • 3 x Hydraulic pumps open circuit for dust separator, cooler fan and cylinder movement
  • System controls: BBURG Drill Logics Control is a hydraulic system which takes the power off the engine which is required at the moment which optimizes feed and rotation functions.
  • Anti-jamming control prevents that the drill rods get stuck during the penetration of a cave, or when geological formation changes.
  • 2 x hybrid hydraulic filters.
  • Dust collection system consists of a pre cleaner and a main dust collector. The main dust collector gets emptied automatically during the drilling process and has 6 filters. Filter area: 36 m²
  • All important service spots are reachable through the service bay which can be walked into.
  • FOPS – Operator cabin rests on viscose safety dampers. The cabin is optionally supplied with a heating system and with an air conditioner. The adjustable seat is suspended. Tinted windows. BBURG Drill Logics Control with electronic joysticks. The drill angle and drill depth (option) are indicated on a plasma screen.
  • Undercarriages with 2 stage final drive (0 – 2,5 / 0 – 4,5 km/h). Max. gradeability 25°. Undercarriage can be oscillated +/-10°. Undercarriages are linked free floating while tramming to reduce shocks on machine. Floating of undercarriage is locked automatically when the machine gets into drilling position.
  • Water injection for collaring and dust suppression: High pressure 40 bar diaphragm pump with 28 l/ minute max. flow rate; total water reservoir: 150l (option)
  • Transport dimensions (L x B x H): 11.150 mm x 2.495 mm x 3400 mm.
  • Weight approx. 23.500 kg


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