• Drill hole diameter 92mm – 140mm (152 mm depending on strata conditions)
  • Drill rods type: T 60 or GT 60 drill rod
  • Rod length: 4.265mm
  • Automatic rod changer/ No. of rods: 7 + 1
  • Max. drill depth: 35 m with 5.600 mm starter rod
  • Full hydraulic drifter max. 30kW, torque 2550 Nm, type Montabert 112
  • Rotation speed 50 – 100 U/min
  • Boom rotation 90° to the right and 12° to the left
  • Engine: Volvo TAD1171VE, 265kW, EPA or TIR 4 certified
  • Hydraulic system: 3 x variable axial piston pumps, 3 x gear pumps; max. work pressure 320 bar. Feed and rotation are functioning in the closed loop, which reduces diesel consumption by 15 – 20%.
  • System controls: BBURG Drill Logics Control is a hydraulic system which takes the power off the engine which is required at the moment which optimizes percussion, feed and rotation functions.
  • Drill Logics Control can adjust drill parameters to the rock conditions which helps to minimize the drill rods wear, optimize the drill performance and reduce fuel consumption. Anti-jamming control prevents that the drill rods get stuck during the penetration of a cave, or when geological formation changes.
  • 2 x hybrid hydraulic filters, supplied with an electronic replacement indicator.
  • Dust collection system consists of a pre cleaner and a main dust collector. The main dust collector gets emptied automatically during the drilling process and is equipped with 16 filters.
  • The drill hole is kept clean by a 14,5m³@10bar rotary screw compressor.
  • Single-piece arm. All the hydraulic cylinders feature hardened piston rods.
  • All important service spots are reachable through the service bay which can be walked into.
  • ROPS/FOPS – Operator cabin rests on viscose safety dampers. The cabin is optionally supplied with a heating system and with an air conditioner. The adjustable seat is suspended. Tinted windows. BBURG Drill Logics Control with electronic joysticks. The drill angle and drill depth are indicated on a plasma screen.
  • Undercarriages are HD type, with 2 stage final drive (0 – 1,5 / 0 – 4,0 km/h). Max. gradeability 25°. Undercarriage can be oscilated +/-10°.
  • Hydraulic tank volume: 300l, Diesel tank volume: 600l
  • Transport dimensions (L x B x H): 10.000mm x 2.520mm x 3.380mm.
  • Weight 21.500 kg


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